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February 1, 2018: Tim’s reMarks

February 7, 2018

“A Gentle Whisper”

“Go out and stand before me on the mountain,” the LORD told him. And as Elijah stood there, the LORD passed by, and a mighty windstorm hit the mountain. It was such a terrible blast that the rocks were torn loose, but the LORD was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake. And after the earthquake there was a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire there was the sound of a gentle whisper. When Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his cloak and went out and stood at the entrance of the cave. And a voice said, ” What are you doing here, Elijah?” (1 Kings 19:11-13)

I started this year with a two-week intensive course at SMU Perkins School of Theology. There was a lot of reading, reflecting, and several sleepless nights staring at a blank computer screen trying to decide what to write. After a couple of days, the professor said, “Just write something. Anything! Get something on the page and then you can edit it. The finished paper might be totally different than what you start with, but start!”

We’re still at the beginning of a new year. This page of Calvary’s history hasn’t yet been written. It is kind of like a blank page. But we’re starting. We’re beginning to listen for God’s gentle whisper, “What are you doing here, Calvary?” We are also beginning to discern where God is leading us. So as we continue to be a church on a mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ, we can transform the world.

We will try some new things and try doing some old things in a new way or at a new time. Some of those things may work well, and others may not. When the page is finished at the end of the year, it may look totally different than what we start with, but we are starting! We are starting by listening for the gentle whisper of God; and we are listening for Christ’s call to “Come and see.” And we are growing in awareness of others whom we can invite to join us on the journey.

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Micah 6:8

He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?